Nette\Database DataSource for Nette\Database

If you are using Nette\Database instead of Nette\Database\Table (probably because of the need to create more complex queries), there was an option to call ResultSet::fetchAll() and operate with that array.

But why should you fetch all data from the database to show just a few of them?


First, download this package using composer:

composer require ublaboo/datagrid-nette-database-data-source

Now create new datagrid component with NetteDatabaseDataSource as a data source (It is a little bit different that setting for example Dibi\Fluent or Doctrine data source):

 * @var Nette\Database\Context
 * @inject
public $ndb;

public function createComponentNetteGrid($name)
	 * @type Ublaboo\DataGrid\DataGrid
	$grid = new DataGrid($this, $name);

	$query = 
		'SELECT p.*, GROUP_CONCAT(v.code SEPARATOR ", ") AS variants
		FROM product p
		LEFT JOIN product_variant p_v
			ON p_v.product_id =
		WHERE p.deleted IS NULL
			AND (product.status = ? OR product.status = ?)';

	$params = [1, 2];

	 * @var Ublaboo\NetteDatabaseDataSource\NetteDatabaseDataSource
	 * @param Nette\Database\Context
	 * @param $query
	 * @param $params|NULL
	$datasource = new NetteDatabaseDataSource($this->ndb, $query, $params);


	$grid->addColumnText('name', 'Name')

	$grid->addColumnNumber('id', 'Id')

	$grid->addColumnDateTime('created', 'Created');

	$grid->addFilterDateRange('created', 'Created:');

	$grid->addFilterText('name', 'Name and id', ['id', 'name']);

	$grid->addFilterSelect('status', 'Status', ['' => 'All', 1 => 'Online', 0 => 'Ofline', 2 => 'Standby']);

	 * Et cetera
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