Benchmarking (v1)

Important note at the beginning: we could not create properly benchmarks of all datagrids. We were using Nette\Application\UI\Multiplier as datagrids parent and some of them were unable to render itselt (somehow tried to call Multiplier::render() which does not exist). And some of them are not proper datagrids, but just simple paginated data dumps.

At the end there were just two datagrids that were able to render within Multiplier: our Ublaboo\DataGrid and the most usedo5\Grido.

We have created 100 of datagrids of each brand. And twice. All with just one text column. There come the results:

(Benchmarked on Macbook Retina 2012 in development mode, all results have a hidden class, therefore the results do not contain browser rendering)

Datagrid name Count of create datargid Time spent - round 1 Time spent - round 2
o5\Grido 100 2.98 s 3.00 s
Ublaboo\DataGrid 100 2.6 s 2.3 s
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