Mailing extension lets you send/log emails in the object oriented world.

Downloading Mailing

Mailing is available through composer package ublaboo/mailing:

composer require ublaboo/mailing


MailFactory gives you a way to create your mails instances. In the background it sets some parameters, decides whether to log and email or not, tries to find mail template etc.


Mail is the base class you will extend in each of your email cases (classes). In your particular mail class you will set email senders/recipients/cc/.., basepath (if you want to send inline images), attach files, etc. There are also available config parameters (if you have put them in there through config.neon).

You will send it via Mail::send() method.

See how to create an mail class...

Mail template

Each of your mail classes expects you to make a so-named template (only in underscore naming convention - ContactMail.php and contact_mail.latte).

All parameters you passed to your Mail class will be available in your mail template.

See how to use a mail template...


There are some configuration options available like whether to log (or send, or both), where to log, where to find inline images from, etc

Learn more about configuration...


By default, MailLogger is logging all sent Mails in log directory in format <year>/<month>/<day>/<mail_name.eml>. As you can see, the .eml extension is used to easily open an email file in all desktop clients.

Learn more in configuration...

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